The Virginia James River Bank

By: Handini

People didn't want to accept Virginian paper money that the colony issued these notes instead. Rather than print their own new currency however, the state obtained these bills which were printed in England for a bank that never did formulate. Source:

12 pounds, Virginia James River Bank of VA (1775)
Image Contribution: Handini

This 12 pounds note (dated September 1, 1775) is signed by Philip Johnson, William Norvell, and Robert Carter Nicholas. Robert Carter Nicholas was also the treasurer of the bank.

I've tried researching the signatures to determine who these people were, although I could not confirm the information I found to be of these signers.  Robert Carter Nicholas (1715 - 1780) was the Virginia Treasurer and also opposed the Declaration of Independence. Philip Johnson was the colonial Virginia Justice of the Peace, and signed the Albermarle Declaration of Independance. Willam Norvell (1746 - 1794) was from Williamsburg, VA, and was the son of George Norvell who signed the Albermarle Declaration of Independance. He was also the sherif of Virginia in the 1760's.

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