Standard Catalog Of United States Obsolete Bank Notes (1782-1866) By James Haxby

The Standard Catalog Of United States Obsolete Bank Notes (1782-1866) By James A. Haxby is one of the best resources on broken banknotes. Published by Krause in 1988, it consists of 4 volumes. The book is not currently in print and is in high demand. Although it originally retailed for under $200, it generally sells in today's market for between $500 - $650. Krause has re-released this volume on a 4-CD set which retails for $250. Individual states can be purchased separately if desired. The prices of the notes listed have not been updated however.

Here are the states covered by each volume:

     Volume 1
               •     Alabama
               •     Arkansas
               •     Connecticut
               •     Delaware
               •     District Of Columbia
               •     Florida Georgia
               •     Illinois
               •     Indiana
               •     Iowa
               •     Kansas
               •     Louisiana
               •     Maine
               •     Maryland

     Volume 2
               •     Massachusetts
               •     Michigan
               •     Minnesota
               •     Mississippi
               •     Missouri
               •     Nebraska
               •     New Hampshire
               •     New Jersey

     Volume 3
               •     New York
               •     North Carolina
               •     Ohio

     Volume 4
               •     Pennsylvania
               •     Rhode Island
               •     South Carolina
               •     Tennessee
               •     Utah
               •     Vermont
               •     Wisconsin
               •     Banks Of The United States
               •     Miscellaneous

Keep in mind that this catalog focuses on bank notes and therefore does not include merchant's scrip, etc. One thing to note also is that many of the notes are listed as SENC (Surviving Example Not Confirmed) but have since come out of hiding. Also, while this book is the most comprehensive one to date, it is not exhaustive. For example, The Fort Plain Bank of Fort Plain, New York has only notes of $1 and higher listed. Fractional denominations from that bank are not listed.

Overall, this volume is an incredible resource on broken banknotes, although rarity ratings are not listed.

When I purchased my copy of this book I found it online from a bookseller in Canada. Fortunately, my copy arrived in mint condition with an added bonus. On the inside of the front cover of each book has a plaque that indicates that the books in my possession were presented to the associate author of the book. If only she had signed them. . . .

Plaque On The Inside Of Each Cover Of My Personal Copy
Image Contribution: Handini

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