Baraboo Scrip

The Ringling Brothers began their circus in 1883 in Baraboo, Wisconsin. In 1933, the Baraboo Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce issued currency commemorating their 50th anniversary and featured and issued 6 different denominations. The 5, 10, 15, 25, and 50 cent notes each have a portrait of one of the Ringling brothers whereas the $1 note shows all 5 of them.

The Baraboo News-Republic on June 28, 1933 had the following to say on the issuance of these notes. The idea and design of the scrip originated with E. B. Trimpey of the Trimpey studio of this city. It is printed on paper the quality of currency, and a trifle larger than the old "shin plasters" of the Civil War period. (Source:

15 Cents, Baraboo Chamber of Commerce, Baraboo, WI (1933) Obverse
Image Contribution: Handini

15 Cents, Baraboo Chamber of Commerce, Baraboo, WI (1933) Reverse
Image Contribution: Handini

The Ringling brothers are featured on these notes in the following order:

                                               5 cents                                       John Ringling
                                             10 cents                                       Chas. Ringling
                                             15 cents                                       Alf T. Ringling
                                             25 cents                                       Otto Ringling
                                             50 cents                                       Al Ringling

These Depression Era notes generally sell for around 8 bucks each and their price has not changed much over the past few years. An inexpensive set of obsolete depression scrip notes to acquire but not something you can make a lot of dough on in the future.
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