Central Bank Of Pennsylvania

By: Handini

The following $5 note from the Central Bank of Pennsylvania in Hollidaysburg, PA is in my opinion one of the more artistic notes of the era. It has a lot in its vignettes, everyday scenes with beautiful orange lathework, roman numerals, a lovely portrait in the lower left corner. In addition to that, the large central V has a vignette of a guy inside it, leaning against the Roman Numeral. Overlaying that is the title of the bank in a lovely curve, versus a bland flat rule. All of these qualities puts this Northern note at the pinnacle of the obsolete currency era from the antebellum years.

$5 Central Bank Of Pennsylvania, PA(1859)
Haxby PA-175-G8a
Image Contribution: Handini

The Central Bank Of Pennsylvania operated between the years of 1857 and 1862 (Source: Hoober). It issued notes in denominations of $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100. Notes get rarer as the denomination increases.

Here are the catalog numbers for the notes:

         Hoober ID                    Denomination                    Haxby ID                    Hoober Rarities
             159-1                            $    5.00                               ---                                   3
             159-2                            $    5.00                       PA-175-G8a                           3
             159-3                            $  10.00                               ---                                   3
             159-4                            $  10.00                       PA-175-G10a                         3
             159-5                            $  20.00                       PA-175-G12a                         5
             159-6                            $  50.00                       PA-175-G14a                         7
             159-7                            $100.00                               ---                                   7
             159-8                            $100.00                       PA-175-G16a                         7

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