State Bank Of South Carolina

The State Bank Of South Carolina, headquartered in Charleston, SC, was chartered on 12 - 19 - 1801 with a capital of $1 million (Source: South Carolina Obsolete Notes by: Austin M. Sheheen, JR.).

Shown below is a beautiful $10 proof note with a lovely shipping vignette in the center. Ceres, seen on the left side, is holding a sheaf over her shoulder. Sheheen assigns a rarity of 1 to this note meaning that it is a more commonly found note. I have two of these proofs in my collection. The pink ink bleeding through in the center of the note is characteristic of proof notes, where a rubber stamp left it's mark on the reverse.

$10 State Bank Of South Carolina, Charleston, SC (PROOF)
Image Contribution: Handini


  1. How much is this bill worth these days?

  2. Circulated notes go in the price range of $50 up to about $200, depending on condition.

    A proof note like the one shown above will generally be priced a little over $600.

  3. I have just found the 10 note found it in my deceased parents paper work. Also a 5 from the Zimmerman bank who would I contact about these??

    1. If you take them to your local coin shop you'll likely not get a good price for them. Most coin dealers prefer coins over currency and if they're the only dealer in town they definitely will give you a very low offer.

      I would recommend taking them to a coin show where you will find several currency dealers. Then you can sell them to the dealer who gives you the best offer. Alternatively, you could list the, on CraigsList.


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