Easton Bank, Easton PA

Recently, a fellow currency collector asked for information regarding a $10 bank note from the Easton Bank of Easton, Pennsylvania where Hoober does not list that variety.

It appears that this note is not listed in Haxby either. One interesting thing is that the variety of $10 note used in both Hoober and Haxby shows the same note as the plate note. The signatures are different on this variety from the the plate note. Either the president and cashiers were different in the short interval between when the plate note and the one shown below were issued, or this note is a contemporary counterfeit.
$10 Easton Bank, Easton PA (1858)
Haxby Unlisted
Hoober Unlisted
Image Contribution: Robert

If anyone has information on this variety of $10 it would be greatly appreciated.

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