The Bank Of East Tennessee

The Bank Of East Tennessee operated from 1850 - 1858. Although it's headquarters was in Knoxville, TN, it had several branches including the branch at Jonesboro (shown below). The Jonesboro branch ran from 1854 - 1855. Listed as an R-8 note. I believe it's out of the 15 point scale, although I do not currently own the book on Tennessee notes.

Although the vignette of this $5 can be found on some notes from other banks, what I really like about it on this example is how the name of the bank is arched to conform to the central vignette. The vignette is also interesting as it shows a female reaching for an apple from an angel. Could it be a reference to chapter 3 of the book of Genesis where the angel is Lucifer before he fell and became Satan? The woman, if she represents eve, is wearing black probably alluding to the dismal fate of mankind after eating of the forbidden fruit.

$5 Bank Of East Tennessee branch at Jonesboro (1855) Obverse
Image Contribution: Handini

$5 Bank Of East Tennessee branch at Jonesboro (1855) Reverse
Image Contribution: Handini

What is interesting about this note is the fact that it is difficult to identify in Haxby because the obverse is that of design 5c and the reverse is design 5d. Haxby's catalog numbers are TN-55-G96a for a note with design 5c and TN-G96-98a for a note with design 5d. Of course, this appears to be how these notes are found so this note is not unique at all. It's just something interesting to note.


  1. I have a large lot of Bank of East Tennessee notes and others coming up in an estate auction here in Johnson City Tennessee. Nov 19th

    take a look at the catalogue at

  2. It took a while to find the lots for the notes you're selling so here are links to directly view the notes in your auction:

    It ends on Saturday, November 19, 2011 so it would be interesting to see what the notes you have sold for. It would be nice if you can provide this information on here after the auction.


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