Elvis Presley

It is often said that one has to be dead to appear on a postage stamp. With Broken Bank Notes however, one does not even have to be born. Case in point is the following note from the Manual Labor Bank of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from 1836. Featured in the main vignette of this R-4 $20 note from the bank is a vignette of people in a glass factory. The central figure in the vignette is dressed like, and even looks like Elvis Presley, making this a popular bank for both collectors and Elvis fans.

Most of the notes from this bank are R-4 notes with some varieties being rated as R-5 or R-6 notes Source: Pennsylvania Obsolete Notes And Scrip by Richard T. Hoober (1985). Also, according to Hoober, the bank failed in 1839 since Dr. Thomas W. Dyott, who ran the bank, wouldn't redeem the notes. He was imprisoned but then pardoned. His signature is the one on the lower right.

$20 Manual Labor Bank, Philadelphia, PA (1836)
Hoober 305-365
Image Contribution: Handini

Close Up Of Main Vignette With Central Figure Resembling Elvis Presley
Image Contribution: Handini

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