Bank Of Lexington $10 Payable At Graham

A couple of months ago I was at a coin show and found this $10 Bank of Lexington note. Thanks to it's condition it was relatively inexpensive. Last April I posted about the Bank Of Lexington, NC and mentioned that they had a branch in Graham, North Carolina as well and not I have a note from the Graham branch.

I had the opportunity to purchase a $5 note from the Graham branch several months earlier but didn't. Of the 6 varieties found from this bank, All 3 varieties of the $5 notes and two of the $10 notes are inexpensive and "easy" to find. It is the green $10 note which is the one that will cost a fortune. When I purchased this note I mentioned to the dealer that I would like to find a green $10 and I struck a nerve. He had a nice example of one and another dealer conned him into selling him that note which he got the shorter end of the stick.

$10 Bank Of Lexington, NC Payable At Grahm (1860)
Image Contribution: Handini

Readily available notes:

     $5 Lexington Branch       –     red overprint
     $5 Lexington Branch       –     green overprint
     $5 Graham Branch          –     red overprint
     $10 Lexington Branch     –     red overprint
     $10 Graham Branch        –     red overprint

The key to the series:

     $10 Lexington Branch     –     green overprint


  1. i have a $5.00 note, : payable at Graham
    I am wondering if there is any real value. i've been keeping it very safe for about 10 years. Let me know if you can. thanks

  2. In a general circulated condition it would normally sell between $40 - $80. If it is uncirculated it could fetch more.


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