New Jersey's Money By George W. Wait

The book New Jersey's Money by George W. Wait was published in 1976 by the Newark Museum. It is a hardcover book consisting of a blue cover with a brown spine, and 434 pages of currency bliss. It covers more than just broken bank notes and merchant's scrip of New Jersey. Included is a section of colonial notes from New Jersey, a section of NJ national bank notes, and a section of NJ Depression scrip. The section on Broken bank notes and scrip included rarity values based on the 7 point scale.

The book includes many black and white images as well as the years each bank opened and closed, etc. Shown below is a portion of page 213 where an image of Wait #1280 is coupled with it's respective plate note (the one in color). The description of the note is on page 212 claims that the note is an R-7 note.

A sample from New Jersey's Money by George W. Wait
Image Contribution: Handini

This book is invaluable for collectors interested in currency from New Jersey. Haxby sometimes lists more varieties of some notes than found in Wait. For example, The Cataract City Bank of Paterson, NJ has 5 different variations of the $3, shown on page 1347 of Volume 2 but there are only 3 listed on page 280 of Wait. Nevertheless, the fact that Wait lists rarities of these notes, as well as shows merchant's scrip, colonials, and depression scrip, this book remains essential to the New Jersey obsolete currency collector and is highly recommended.

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