Cochituate Bank

Here is a lovely $5 from the Cochituate Bank of Boston, Massachusetts from 1853. Cochituate is an Indian word which means "clear rushing water" (Source: Heritage).

The $5 note below shows a lovely shipping vignette on the top left and a sailor on the right. Sometimes banks would have vignettes on their notes characteristic to the type of industry in their area. These shipping scenes on here are most likely due to the fact that the note comes from Boston, a city which has a harbor.

$1 Cochituate Bank, Boston, MA (1850)
Image Contribution: Handini 

$2 Cochituate Bank, Boston, MA (1850)
Image Contribution: Handini

$5 Cochituate Bank, Boston, MA (1853)
Image Contribution: Handini

Another example of a note which would have vignettes based on the main industry in the area the bank was from is the Allegany County Bank.

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