Bank Of Gettysburg

By: Handini

Here is a lovely pair of proofs from the Bank Of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, where a major civil war battle took place. These notes are from the 1850's. What's interesting about these two notes is that the are printed on card stock versus india paper. Most proofs tend to be printed on india paper so it is more difficult to find proofs on card stock. The reverse of these notes has a rubber stamp that says: "Property Of The American Bank Note Company". Being on card stock, the ink from the rubber stamp does not bleed through making the notes more attractive. The bleeding is evident in the photo of my $5 proof on India paper from the Exchange Bank Of St. Louis.

$5 Bank Of Gettysburg, PA (Proof)
Image Contribution: Handini

$10 Bank Of Gettysburg, PA (Proof)
Image Contribution: Handini

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