Collecting Plate Notes

By: Handini

Plate notes are notes where an image of them are found in a book. Due to the rarity of these notes, it is not difficult to acquire a plate note for one's collection.

If one is specifically collecting plate notes, an R-7 note is easier to find a plate note for than an R-1. The reason being is that if one was searching for a note from a particular bank and wanted the plate note found in a certain book, and there are only 3 of them in existence, then there is a one in three chance that that note could be the plate note. If on the other hand there are 200 notes then the chances of finding the plate note for that bill would drastically dwindle.

$5 Bank Of The South County of South Kingstown, RI (1855)
Plate Note of Durand 1260 found on page 211
Obsolete Notes And Scrip of Rhode Island and The Providence Plantations by: Roger H. Durand (1981)
Image Contribution: Handini

While the above plate note is easy to identify by matching the serial number and graffiti on the note with that pictured in the book, the perceptive collector will be able to identify less obvious plate notes. The note listed below is also a plate note.

Plate Note of Wait 1280 found on page 213
New Jersey's Money By: George W. Wait (1976)
Image Contribution: Handini

While there is no serial number on this note, the edge nicks, signature, to even the slight graffiti (faint red line on right side) match the image on page 213 of the book.

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