Collecting Notes By Theme

By: Handini

One of the things that appeals to a collector is the image on a broken banknote. The following two notes make great examples:

$2 Stonington Bank of Stonington, CT (Remainder Note)
Haxby CT-415-G16a
Image Contribution: Handini 

$10 Allegany County Bank of Cumberland, MD (1860)
Haxby MD-155-G8b
Image Contribution: Handini

A numismatist who also collects nautical antiques would be interested in the $2 Stonington Bank, CT remainder note due to the whaling scene. This note also has the potential to appeal to fans of Moby Dick or even those who like the movie Orca. Fisherman from New England will also find interest in such a note not only due to the whale vignette but also to the fact that the note is from Connecticut.

The $10 Allegany County Bank, MD note will not only appeal to people from Cumberland or Allegany County, Maryland but also to coal miners or even geologists. That is because of the lovely vignette showing coal miners wearing head lamps. There is also a coal industry in Allegany county so this note also reveals the fact that this bank could have possibly helped finance a coal mine.

Collecting notes by vignettes not only makes an attractive collection but also creates a larger market for those notes.

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