Bank Of The Valley, Winchester, VA

By: Handini

The Bank of the Valley of Virginia, was authorized in 1817 (Source: Affleckand headquartered in Winchester, VA. It operated from 1818 until it failed in the 1860's (Source: Haxby). There are many different varieties of notes from this bank in denominations of $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100 as well as notes from various branches throughout the state. In addition to the main branch in Winchester, the towns of Charlestown, Christiansburg, Leesburg, Moorefield, Romney, and Staunton harbored their own branches of this bank.

$5 Bank Of The Valley, VA (1856)
Branch At Staunton
Haxby VA-255-G220
Image Contribution: Handini

The dates of operation for the different branches:

                                       Branch                                             Years In Operation
                                    Winchester (Main Branch)                               1818 - 1865
                                    Charlestown                                              1818 - 1865
                                    Christiansburg                                           1853 - 1865
                                    Leesburg                                                   1818 - 1865
                                    Moorefield                                                  1853 - 1865
                                    Romney                                                     1818 - 1865
                                    Staunton                                                    1847 - 1865                    (Source: Haxby)

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