Collecting Signatures

By: Handini

I recently purchased a colonial PA note from 1772 with the signature of Adam Hubley. He was a Lieutenant Colonel who commanded the 10th Pennsylvania Regiment in the Battle of Paoli (1777) (Source:, the Battle of Brandywine (1777), and the Battle Of Germantown (1777), during the American Revolution.

1 Shilling, Pennsylvania (1772)
Image Contribution: Handini

Other Denominations of April 3, 1772 PA colonials include:

                                            3 pence
                                            4 pence
                                            6 pence
                                            9 pence
                                            1 shilling
                                          18 pence
                                            2 shillings 6 pence
                                          40 shillings                                                                                    (Source: Pick)

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