Lost In The Mail Or Stolen?

By: Handini

Yesterday was a relaxing Saturday. I had nothing to do for once. It has been a long time since I putted around the house for an entire day. I did a little cleaning, organizing, and even laundering. I was also eagerly awaiting the mail to receive some more currency I had recently purchased off Heritage.

I would periodically check the tracking on the shipment which was supposed to arrive that day. I waited all afternoon. Eventually the mail arrived, late in the afternoon. The female mailman usually puts my orders at the door since they won't fit in the mail box but there was nothing at the door. Since sometimes an additional mail truck follows I still had hope that it would arrive. I would keep checking the tracking number to assure myself that it was still out for delivery. Finally, close to 8:00 pm the tracking said delivered. There was noting at the front door.

I called Heritage and they were closed. The post office was closed also. I then sent Heritage an e-mail indicating that the item did not arrive despite what the tracking number claims. Then I took Betty (my car) for a spin to see if the package could have been sitting in front of one of my neighbors doors and found nothing.

Luckily, I am caught up at work so I plan on calling Heritage and the post office tomorrow when they open. I hope the mail carrier remembers what door it was placed at and is able to recover it, and if not I hope I can get a refund. I also plan to call the local coin shops to give them a description of the notes along with their serial numbers in case anyone tries to sell them. I'll have to search for them on eBay, not that that will do any good. I wonder if the mail carrier could have been filling in for the usual carrier and was inexperienced, or if she too did some laundering yesterday and was the one who took it. Hopefully though, I'll receive my money.

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