A Long List Of Obsolete Currency Books

If you're trying to find a book on the subject then I hope this blog will help. Books on obsolete currency are not always readily available in stores so I've compiled a list of books on the subject:

The following books are reference books on obsolete currency in general:

     Criswell's Currency Series, Volume I: Confederate And Southern State Currency: A Descriptive
     Listing, Including Rarity
     Grover C. Criswell Jr. (1957)

     Criswell's Currency Series Volume II: Confederate And Southern State Bonds
     Grover C. Criswell Jr. (1961)

     Descriptive List Of Obsolete Paper Money
     D. C. Wismer (1922)

     Counterfeit Currency Of The Confederate States Of America
     George B. Tremmel (2003)

     Comprehensive Catalog And History Of Confederate Bonds
     Douglas B. Ball (1998)

     Standard Catalog Of World Paper Money, Specialized Issues, Volume I, seventh edition

The following books are on depression scrip:

     Standard Catalog Of Depression Scrip Of The United States: The 1930's Including Canada
     And Mexico
     Ralph A. Mitchell (1984)

     Depression Scrip Of The United States Period Of The 1930's
     Charles V. Kappen and Ralph A. Mitchell (1961)

The following books are region specific:

     Indian Territory And Oklahoma Obsolete Notes Scrip And Kansas Obsolete Notes And Scrip
     Maurice Burgett, and Steven Whitfield (1980)

     Obsolete Banknotes Of New England
     D. C. Wismer (1985)

The following books are state specific:

     Alabama Obsolete Paper Money And Scrip
     Walter Rosene Jr. (1984)

     Florida Obsolete Notes And Scrip
     Harley L. Freeman (1967)

     Indiana Obsolete Notes And Scrip
     Wendell A. Wolka, Jack M. Vorhies, and Donald A. Schramm (1978)

     Mississippi Obsolete Paper Money And Scrip
     L. Candler Leggett (1975)

     MAINE Obsolete Paper Money and Scrip
     George W. Wait (1977)

     Michigan Obsolete Bank Notes And Scrip Notes of the 19th Century - National Bank Notes
     Wallace Lee (2007)

     Obsolete Banknotes And Early Scrip Of Michigan
     Harold L. Bowen (1985)

     A History And Catalog Of Minnesota Obsolete Bank Notes And Scrip: A Comprehensive Guide
     To Minnesota Paper Money From The Era Of Minesota Territory To . . .
     R. Shawn Hewitt (2007)

     Minnesota Obsolete Notes And Scrip
     R. H. Rockholt (1973)

     Descriptive List Of Obsolete Paper Money Issued In New Jersey
     D. C. Wismer (1928)

     New York Descriptive List Of Obsolete Paper Money
     D. C. Wismer (1931)

     Obsolete Bank Notes Of New York
     D. C. Wismer (1985)

     New York Scrip And Private Issues
     Gordon L. Harris (2001)

     Obsolete Banknotes Of Ohio
     D. C. Wismer (1932)

     Obsolete Banknotes Of Pennsylvania
     D. C. Wismer (1985)

     Pennsylvania Descriptive List Of Obsolete State Bank Notes 1782-1866
     D. C. Wismer (1933)

     The History Of Early Tennessee Banks And Their Issues
     Paul Garland (1983)

     Texas Obsolete Notes And Scrip
     Bob Medlar (1968)

     Vermont Obsolete Notes And Scrip
     Mayre Burns Coulter (1972)

     Virginia Obsolete Paper Money
     Richard and Keith Littlefield Jones (1992)

     Wisconsin Obsolete Bank Notes And Scrip
     Chester L. Krause (1994)

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