Dubuque Central Improvement Company

The Dubuque Central Improvement Company of Dubuque, Iowa, was organized in 1857 and failed in 1858. It's intention was to develop a couple of islands. The stockholders were individually liable and thus their names were shown on the back side of the notes. (Source: Oakes)

While there are many different dates between December 1857 and January 1858 from whence the notes were issued. Only 4 varieties exist in two different denominations. The denominations are $1 and $3 and the different varieties are due to the color of the stockholders names on the reverse side. The $1 and $3 notes where they are listed in blue have a rarity of 1 and those where the stockholders names are printed in black have a rarity of 3. (Source: Oakes) This makes it a fairly "easy" set to compile.

Shown below is a $1 note from the Dubuque Central Improvement Company with the stockholders names printed in blue ink.

$1 The Dubuque Central Improvement Company, Dubuque, IA (1858) Obverse
Image Contribution: Handini

$1 The Dubuque Central Improvement Company, Dubuque, IA (1858) Reverse
Image Contribution: Handini

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