Continental Currency

Continental currency was issued by the Continental Congress from 1776 to 1779. They were printed by David Hall and William Sellers, and their values were in dollars instead of shillings. They were redeemable for Spanish Milled Dollars or it's equivalent in gold or silver, however soon became worthless.

$1/6 Continental Currency (1776)
The design on the reverse has 13 chains with the names of the
13 original states written on them.
Image Contribution: Handini

$55 Continental Currency (1779)
Note the blue security fibers in this note to foil the British counterfeiters.
Image Contribution: Handini

The book Standard Catalog Of World Paper Money, Specialized Issues is a good reference for Continental notes as it lists the issues that were issued. I have a few more Continental notes that I have yet to scan so make sure you surf back to this page at a later date in case I manage to post them.

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