Colony Of New York

Below is a 10 pound note from 1758. It is printed on one side only and the paper consists of a thin sheet of paper which the note is printed on and laminated onto a thicker piece of paper. Consequently the note is darker on the back than the front side. The vignette shows a lovely crown and shield along with a native American and a colonist. This vignette was the crowned arms of New York City (Source: Standard Catalog Of World Paper Money specialized issues). Below the main vignette it states "DEATH to counterfeit" since severe penalties were imposed on counterfeiters at the time. They were usually hung.

10 Pounds, Colony of New York (1758)
Image Contribution: Handini

New York colonials between 1846 and 1758 were printed by James Parker. The 1758 issues are found in denominations of 5 pounds and 10 pounds. (Source: Standard Catalog Of World Paper Money specialized issues).

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