A $5 Note From The Shreveport Branch Of The Citizens' Bank

The Citizens' Bank operated from 1833 - 1911 (Source: Haxby) so it survived the Civil War, unlike most banks. Notes from The Citizens' Bank of Louisiana are quite common as far as broken bank notes go, and are easy to obtain.  Shown below is a $5 note from Shreveport which would be classified as Haxby LA-15-G60a except the reverse shown for the note, found on page 519 of volume 1, is different. There are other notes also where the reverse is different then what is shown in Haxby for the note, such as a $5 note from the Bank Of East Tennessee.

$5 Citizens' Bank Of Louisiana (1860)
Haxby LA-15-G60a
Image Contribution: Charles Plancon

Another interesting thing about the $5 note shown above is the fact that it is not signed and yet it is not quite a remainder note. It has the date and serial number written down but never managed to get signed by the Cashier or President of the bank.

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