Bank Of Beaver County

The Bank of Beaver County of New Brighton, Pennsylvania was established in 1858 and became the National Bank of Beaver County in 1864, then closed in 1884 (Source: Hoober). Hoober lists denominations of $5 and $10 for this bank with 3 varieties of $5 notes and 2 varieties of $10 notes. All of these notes have rarity values of 4.

The Hoober catalog numbers of these notes are as follows:

                             Hoober ID                         Denomination                         Ink Colors
                                 265-1                                      $5                                       Black
                                 265-2                                      $5                                       Black and Red
                                 265-3                                      $5                                       Black and Red
                                 265-4                                      $10                                     Black
                                 265-5                                      $10                                     Black and Red

Haxby, on the other hand, claims that there were only 4 total varieties from this bank, two $5 notes and two $10 notes. He also lists 3 other varieties as altered notes however (Source: Haxby). This makes a total of 4 different $5 notes, 2 different $10 notes and 1 $20 note for a grand total of 7 different notes to make a set, with 4 genuine notes and 3 altered notes.

                             Haxby ID                         Denomination                         Ink Colors
                             PA-340-G2                                $5                                     Black
                             PA-340-G2a                              $5                                     Black and Orange
                             PA-340-G4                                $10                                   Black
                             PA-340-G4a                              $10                                   Black and Orange
                             PA-340-A5                                $5                                      Black and Red
                             PA-340-A10                              $5                                      Black and Brown-Orange
                             PA-340-A15                              $20                                    Black and Red

Shown below is a $5 proof note from the Bank of Beaver County. This is Haxby PA-340-G2, which is listed as SENC, surviving example not confirmed. Moreover, Haxby claims that there were probably only proofs of this variety, as shown below.

$5 Bank Of Beaver County, New Brighton, PA (Proof)
Hoober 265-1
Haxby PA-340-G2
Image Contribution: Handini

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