Bank Of Macomb County

The Bank Of Macomb County, Mt. Clemons,  Michigan, operated from 1836 - 1841 and again from 1851 - 1858 when if finally failed so there are two kinds of notes from this bank, the earlier ones before it closed in 1841, and the later ones, from 1851 - 1858 (Source: Haxby). The early issues came in denominations from $1 - $10. The later issues came in denominations of $1 to $50.

$1 Bank of Macomb County, Mt. Clemons, MI (1855)
Haxby MI-295-G22a
Image Contribution Handini

Although the date is legible on the $1 note shown above, the main difference between the earlier issues and the later issues is the fact that the later issues have the red overprint and the earlier ones are lacking in that regard.

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