Bank Of Fayetteville $2 Dollar Bill

The Bank Of Fayetteville, North Carolina has one of the nicest vignettes. It features a guy on horse drawn covered wagon traversing a plank road. Plank roads were very costly to maintain. A train is seen off to the distance on the left and a steamship to the right in the vignette. This vignette can also be seen on the $2 note from the Bank Of Orange County of Chelsea, Vermont. Nevertheless, the vignette looks better on the Bank Of Fayetteville note since the Bank Of Orange County has an orange tint which clashes with the vignette in this case.

$2, Bank Of Fayetteville, NC (1861)
Pennell 780A
Image Contribution: Handini

Close Up Of Central Vignette
Image Contribution: Handini

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