Norwich Bank

The Norwich Bank of Norwich, Connecticut operated from 1799 - 1865. It later became the Norwich National Bank (Source: Haxby). Denominations from this bank range between 2 cents and $500. Shown below is a $5 note from the bank with a gutter fold in it.

$5 Norwich Bank, Norwich, CT (1807)
Image Contribution: Handini

Gutter Fold Error Close-Up
Image Contribution: Handini

The $5 note above is either Haxby CT-355-G208 or CT-355-C208. Based on the low quality of the paper and the details of the signatures as compared with the image of the note in Haxby, I believe that this note is most likely the counterfeit variety (CT-355-C208) and not the genuine note (CT-355-G208).

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