Old South African Check

About a decade and a half ago, while visiting relatives in London, I purchased a couple old checks from South Africa. The one shown below is quite interesting. It comes from Cape Town, South Africa yet it has written on the check The African Banking Corporation, Ltd., The Cape Of Good Hope Bank, Limited, and the Cape Of Good Hope Savings Bank Society. It was printed by Van de Sandt de Valliers & Co. Cape Town.

Old South African Check (1892)
Image Contribution: Handini

The denomination is forty four pounds and eight pence, payable to 4658 ??? or Bearer. The oval purple impression states: "African Banking Corporation Limited. The check was issued on January9 , 1892 and redeemed on January 21, 1892.

South Africa must have had a complex banking history for so many banks to be attributed on a single check.

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