Bank Of Pittsylvania, Virginia

By: Handini

The Bank Of Pittsylvania, of Chatham, VA was a short lived bank, authorized in 1860 and failed around 1863 (Source: Haxby). They have some nice notes with a green and black color scheme rather than the usual black and red color scheme or black color scheme mostly found on obsoletes. Nevertheless, these notes are not the rarest as evidenced by their Rarities.

$5 Bank Of Pittsylvania, VA(1861)
Haxby VA-50-G2b
Image Contribution: Handini

$5 Bank Of Pittsylvania, VA(1861)
Haxby VA-50-G14
Image Contribution: Handini

Affleck identifies 7 different varieties. One $1 note, two $5 notes, A $10 note, 2 $20 notes, and a $50 note. Moreover, one variety of $20 note (Haxby VA-50-G10a) is listed as Spurious whereas Haxby identifies it as authentic. Haxby on the other hand, identifies 11 different varieties of notes for this bank, as it discriminates between notes of printed serial numbers and those with hand written serial numbers.

Here are the catalog numbers for the notes:

                        Denomination                        Haxby ID                        Affleck Rarities
                            $    1.00                            VA-50-G14                                  3
                            $    5.00                            VA-50-G2a                                  2
                            $    5.00                            VA-50-G2b                                  2
                            $    5.00                            VA-50-G16a                                2
                            $  10.00                            VA-50-G4a                                  3
                            $  10.00                            VA-50-G4b                                  3
                            $  20.00                            VA-50-G8a                                  4
                            $  20.00                            VA-50-G8b                                  4
                            $  20.00                            VA-50-G10a                               ---
                            $  50.00                            VA-50-G12a                                5
                            $  50.00                            VA-50-G12b                                5

Note: Since one variety of $5, $10, and $20 notes is split up into two different varieties by Haxby, the Affleck Rarities may not be accurate for these notes. Moreover, G2a, G4a, G8a, and G12a have handwritten serial numbers whereas G2b, G4b, G8b, and G12b have printed serial numbers. G14 and G16a are civil war emergency issues according to Haxby.

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