National Park Bank

National Banks got started soon after the demise of the "Obsolete Banknote Era", and their notes are still legal tender, and hence not obsolete. Nevertheless, people wanting to supplement their obsolete note collection can incorporate old checks such as the following one shown below from the National Park Bank.

The National Park Bank was started in 1856, got bought out by Wells Fargo in 1911, and then became incorporated into the Chase National Bank in 1929 (Source: According to the Standard Catalog of United States Paper Money by Chester L. Krause and Robert F. Lemke, this bank had the charter number of 891. Larger sized notes are more common than the small size ones (considering the late 1920's is when the size of our paper notes shrunk and when the bank ceased to be).

The left side of the check bears the inscription: CLIFTON MANUFACTURING CO. and it would be interesting to research than company and their relations with the National Park Bank. Perhaps they existed before the Civil War and printed their own money. I guess as a collector I'm being too hopeful.

While the bank no longer exists, and it's currency is not an obsolete broken bank note, but legal tender, their checks are no longer valid and hence obsolete.

$25 Check - The National Park Bank (1889)
 Old Bank Check
Image Contribution: Handini

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