Colonial Rhode Island

Colonial currency was issued in Rhode Island as early as 1710. The pound sterling system was used until 1776 when it was switched to the dollar system. Although Rhode Island transitioned from a British colony to a US state in 1776, their first state notes used the pound sterling system. Notes dated 1 - 15 - 1776 were issued by the colony of Rhode Island while those issued 3 - 18 - 1776 were issued by the State of Rhode Island. The dollar system began being used on notes issued on 9 - 5 - 1776. All of the 1776 notes from RI were printed by John Carter. The dollar system persisted on 1777 notes but notes issued from 1778 - 1786 reverted to the pound system. This was most likely to the fact that the Continental Currency used the dollar system and at the time became worthless. (Source: Standard Catalog Of World Paper Money, Specialized Issues, Volume One, 7th edition)

Shown below is a 10 Shilling note from Rhode Islands dated 5 - 1786. Only the month and year are printed on the notes from 1786. The day of the month was neglected.

10 Shillings, Rhode Island (1786)
Image Contribution: Handini

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